Does Netflix series My Secret Terrius predicted the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2019?

Avinash Verma –

A number of Netflix viewers are shocked with the South Korean series My Secret Terrius, the reason is that the series predicted a coronavirus outbreak two years back. Many viewers can’t believe their eyes and years that coronavirus was discussed in the series. This is absolutely shocking for many. The South Korean series was first aired in 2018. Many audiences who watched this video clip are in a state of shock and are surprised at how it predicted the coronavirus outbreak.

First season of My Secret Terrius ended with a doctor getting a disease similar to Coronavirus


The first season of the series ended with a doctor developing a disease which was pretty much similar to that of the coronavirus. The doctor is heard saying that someone tweaked it to increase its mortality rate to 90 percent and she says that the virus has an incubation period of 14 days.

 The doctor is heard saying the following:

“The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed.”

Later in the series it is shown that the cure of the virus is impossible and that the hands need to be washed properly to avoid getting the virus. 


My Secret Terrius scene goes viral which shows coronavirus in 2018.

After seeing the scene, people are spooked and are not able to believe that how it is possible that it was predicted almost 2 years back.


Is Coronavirus a biological weapon?

After watching the video clip of My Secret Terrius, many are compelled to think if coronavirus is a biological weapon and if its outbreak is planned by a set of people. If people are right then we are living in a very dangerous world.