Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the Super Pink Moon

Get set to witness the second Super Moon this year. This moon is called the Pink Super Moon. It is also called the Paschal Moon. In India, this Pink Super Moon will appear on 8th April @ 8:05 PM local Indian time.

What is a Super Pink Moon?

As per NASA, a super moon is witnessed on a full moon day when the Moon comes nearest to the earth. The moon is oval shaped and it revolves around the Earth in an elliptical orbit. It also means that the moon comes to the point which is nearest to the earth.

When the moon is farthest from earth then it is 405,500 kilometers from the earth and when it is nearest to the earth then it is 356,907 kilometers (221,772 miles) far from earth.  When the moon comes closest to the earth then it is termed as Pink Moon or Super Moon. At this moment when the moon is at the closest point then earth, moon and sun will all align.

The Super Moon appears 15% bigger to the eyes than the full moon.

Do not miss to witness the Super Pink Moon when it shines big and bright.