Entrepreneurship is about doing things faster, creating competitive advantage: Narayana Murthy


Infosys founder N.R. Narayana Murthy said on Monday that entrepreneurship is just a state of mind and it is not those who start companies that are entrepreneurs, it is all about doing things faster and creating a competitive advantage for yourself while striving for excellence.

Addressing the ‘Day Zero 2024’ event by Log9 Materials, a deep technology and advanced battery technology startup in Bengaluru, Murthy said that as long as we keep that in mind, “we are all entrepreneurs”.

“Everybody can be an entrepreneur because it’s a state of mind. As long as everybody in the company asks themselves how can I do things faster, cheaper and better then I think you’ll be in a position to bring in competitive sustainable advantage for you,” he told the gathering.

“There are some extremely important factors that contribute to the longevity of a company. First is access to the market. Unless a company increases its access to the market, however great your idea is, it is of zero value,” said the Infosys founder.

“Second is access to talent. A company is worth zilch unless it brings the best quality minds. Because it is the power of human minds that innovates and brings to the table. So your biggest task is to recruit, enable, empower and retain the best and the brightest.”

At the event, Log9 announced a significant transformation with the rebranding of its mobility business as Amphion, a full-stack EV asset management company.

“I’m thrilled about the transformative opportunities Amphion will offer fleet operators. This Day Zero signifies the commencement of a new journey, not just for us, but for an entire ecosystem,” said Dr Akshay Singhal, Founder and CEO, Log9.


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