Family Connections, a non-profit that fills a significant gap in early learning and holistic family support programming in the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula, raised over $175,000 at its 2022 virtual event with the support of sponsors, long-time donors, and many new community supporters.

“This year, our event was centered around ‘Portraits of our Families’. Behind every image, there is a story of family, community and connection,” said Eric Valladares, Executive Director, Family Connections. “We celebrated the triumphs of the families we serve and our team who partners with them. It was also an opportunity to bring our community of supporters into our work, to see how our unique approach equips parents with tools needed to support the healthy development of their children and family alike.”

Valladares shared his own family story, as well as the deep impact of the organization, signifying how the Family Connections’ approach and services fill significant gaps in access to early learning and holistic family support at both the local and state level.

Yukari Schneider, Family Connections’ Board Chair and former program participant, partnered with Valladares and educators Veronica Rincon and Nora Aguirre to share the triumphs that are possible when a community comes together.

“We don’t only support the kids, we support the parents and grandparents,” explained Aguerre.

The learning community of Family Connections readies children for kindergarten and social/emotional development, and also builds community and resource families.

Funds raised at the event paved the pathway for children’s futures through Family Connections’ unique approach to serving the entire family, aligned with their vision of thriving kids through thriving families.