Few takers for Trump’s vote-by-mail fraud claim


President Donald Trump may have backtracked during his press briefing Wednesday on his tweet asking for postponement of the November 3 general election, but there are few takers for his vote-by-mail-fraud claim.

At the the briefing, Trump sounded skeptical about voting by mail, saying it could take months or more.

Reacting to Trump’s moves, Neil Makhija, executive director of Indian-American political organization IMPACT, pointed out that the United States is a democracy. “Only an act of our elected representatives in Congress that is ratified by the President can delay the election,” Makhija told indica News.

Neil Makhija

Congress has not given any indication that this will happen,” he pointed out. “To the contrary, members of Congress, including our very own Senator Kamala Harris, have introduced a $5 billion SafeVote Act that will allow our elections to proceed on time and in a manner that lets every citizen exercise their fundamental right to vote.”

Makhija said he does not agree when Trump talks about mail fraud.

People should be able to vote safely through several options including by mail or by dropping off ballots, all methods the SafeVote Act would fund in a way that ensures security,” he said.

Makhija, a public interest lawyer, this week joined IMPACT, a leading political organization devoted to boosting the number of Indian Americans in public office by recruiting, training, funding, and electing talented community candidates.

IMPACT has announced a $10 million commitment to support Indian-American candidates nationwide, as well as plans to create a new program to identify, elevate, and support Indian-American elected officials running for higher office.

We live in an era where anyone — including the President Of the United States — can spread false and misleading information,” Makhija rued. “The election will go on, and our work of encouraging Indian Americans to vote and electing new Indian-American candidates to public office will continue.”

Another Democrat, Ajay Bhutoria, who serves at the National Finance Committee for Biden for President 2020 and is a leader on the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) National Leadership Council for Biden for President, told indica News that Trump can’t delay the election without Congress, partially controlled by the Democrats, first approving the decision.

And when Trump talks about voting-by-mail fraud, Bhutoria said, the President appears to be doing everything in his power to undermine the credibility of November’s vote, in which a record number of Americans are predicted to rely on mail-in voting to avoid the risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus.

He’s repeatedly made false and misleading claims about the reliability of the mail balloting and suggested broad conspiracy theories. Critics warn that he could be laying the groundwork for contesting the results — although the purpose may be simply to give him a scapegoat if he loses,” Bhutoria told indica News.