FIIDS to host Indian American Advocacy Summit; highlight issues linked to India and Indian diaspora


Foundation of Indian and Indian Diaspora Studies (FIIDS), the US-based non-profit organization will organize an Indian American Advocacy Summit 2023 at Capitol Hill, Washington DC on April 27 2023 to highlight and deliberate on issues close to India and the Indian diaspora community.

“On behalf of 4.5 million Indian Americans in the United States, an advocacy summit is being held in Capitol Hill. The Indian American community is a major contributor to diverse sectors of our nation’s economy and throughout all states and territories. During our requested appointment we intend to discuss policy matters and issues important from our community’s perspective, such as US-India relations, trade, and partnerships. In addition, we will address our concerns on immigration reform, human rights, and religious phobia.

As a US-based non-profit organization, FIIDS’ objective is to engage the South Asian diaspora in the United States to further strengthen collaboration in education, science and technology, geopolitical and economic policy, terrorism mitigation, and people-to-people engagement. FIIDs celebrates the deep and vibrant ties between the people of both nations USA and India to reaffirm and encourage others to embrace their shared values of freedom, democracy, pluralism, and equal opportunities for all citizens.

The Summit which is supported by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) will discuss policy matters, US-India relations, trade, and partnerships. In addition, concerns about immigration reform, human rights, and religious phobia will also be considered. FIIDS is committed to pursuing efforts toward sustainable development and global peace, security, and cohesive existence.

Highlighting the significance of the summit, FIIDS underlined that Indian–Americans are serving as a living bridge and advancing the partnership between the two countries. “Lawmakers across the aisle are best served to recognize the importance of this community’s contributions to American life and hear from their constituents directly during our Capitol Hill Advocacy Summit,” the organization stated.


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