Kerala startup Fokuz gets $2 million angel investment from US


Fokuz, a video-conferencing platform developed by a startup from Kochi, Kerala, has secured $2 million angel investment from a United States-based healthcare and manufacturing company.

Fokuz has been developed by Skyislimit Technologies.

Manodh Mohan, the founder and CEO of Skyislimit Technologies Private limited, said: “As a Kerala startup company, we think it is a great achievement that we are able to secure foreign investment in the current scenario.”

He added: “Malayali entrepreneurs are far ahead in developing innovative concepts and solutions. But the roadblocks before them come when they are about to secure next stage investment. That makes most of the entrepreneurs disappointed. In such a backdrop this investment is a fillip to Fokuz to achieve great heights.”

Mohan said the startup planned to utilize the new investment to strengthen areas such as research and development, support, and business development.

Through this we will also create more job opportunities in the state,” said Mohan.

Fokuz is available across Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and macOS computers.