Former Obama adviser David Axelrod calls for President Joe Biden to step aside


Former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod has called for President Joe Biden to step aside from the 2024 race, citing concerns over Biden’s age and performance.

In an op-ed for CNN, Axelrod emphasized that he believes Biden’s duty to the country should prompt him to withdraw, suggesting that failing to do so could overshadow his legacy. Axelrod’s stance underscores growing pressures within the White House following Biden’s lackluster showing in a recent CNN presidential debate.

Axelrod’s commentary adds to existing doubts about Biden’s campaign, which were not assuaged by the president’s recent interview with ABC News. Critiquing Biden’s demeanor in the interview, Axelrod described it as displaying “defiant delusion,” indicating a disconnect between Biden’s self-assessment and public perception.

Concerns are mounting about Biden’s viability as a candidate following what has been described as a devastating performance in Atlanta. Meanwhile, President Biden himself has sought to pivot attention towards contrasting his policies with those of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Biden targeted Trump’s alleged association with “Project 2025,” a contentious platform reportedly aimed at reshaping the federal government along conservative lines. Biden’s campaign characterized Project 2025 as a dangerous agenda that threatens fundamental democratic principles, such as reproductive rights and governmental checks and balances.

In response to Biden’s accusations, Trump distanced himself from Project 2025, claiming ignorance of its details and asserting that it does not represent his official policy platform. Trump’s campaign clarified that Project 2025 is not endorsed or aligned with their official stance.

Amid these political maneuvers, Biden convened with his campaign co-chairs to discuss the future of his reelection efforts. According to Delaware Sen Chris Coons, a campaign co-chair, the conversation with Biden was characterized by openness and a quest for candid feedback. Coons highlighted Biden’s determination to address doubts about his candidacy, particularly within Democratic circles skeptical of his viability as the party’s nominee.

Following a successful campaign rally in Wisconsin and an interview with ABC News, Biden’s aides appeared optimistic that direct engagement with voters through town halls and press conferences would bolster his image. Coons noted positive feedback from allies regarding Biden’s recent public appearances, signaling a strategic shift towards more unscripted interactions to reassure voters.

Looking ahead, President Biden is scheduled to hold his first formal press conference since the debate, timed to coincide with the conclusion of the NATO summit. This event is expected to provide a platform for Biden to address pressing issues and reaffirm his leadership amidst ongoing political challenges.