“You never negotiate. You never deal with your enemies. You can’t trust them.” These were strong words from former United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, at an exclusive interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd during the ‘Meet The Press’ show on March 6.

Haley, an Indian American Republican, a potential 2024 U.S. Presidential candidate, and a former South Carolina Governor, shared her strong view against Russia and China, but also made a strong statement on President Biden.

Stating that she has dealt with Russia and China during her two-year term between 2017 to 2019 as U.S. Ambassador, Haley told Todd, a veteran political journalist: “I’ve always said that you cannot trust Russia. You cannot trust Putin. You can’t trust China. This is common sense. I dealt with them at the United Nations.”

Haley’s message was a clear call to President Biden and a remark on how he should be dealing with the grim present-day reality of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Calling China an ‘enemy’, Haley said: “At the United Nations, China and Russia had been getting incredibly close. They don’t like each other. They don’t trust each other. But they both want to destroy the West.”

She warned that when tyrants speak, “we should listen.” She said that China said that they were going to take Hong Kong and they did. “Putin has said that he wants to take Poland in the Baltics. We should believe him. Why are we waiting for that to happen? What happens when China takes Taiwan?

This is going to blow up, right now. Taiwan manufactures half of the world’s semiconductor chips… what Americans use in their phones, computers, cars. Why are we relying on China to give us medical supplies, when we saw how they handled COVID?” Haley asked.

Haley implored Americans to “wake up” and “start being smart” to “deal with these tyrants”. “We can’t let them continue to run all over us,” Haley said.