Foundational Risks of OpenAI


Om Malik

Om Malik is a partner at True Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based early-stage venture capital group. Prior to joining True, he was the founder of Gigaom, a pioneering technology blog and media company. 

Even for a region accustomed to tremors, the news of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, being unceremoniously ousted from the company was like an event off the Richter scale. His exit was announced in a terse press release, along with Greg Brockman’s demotion from the chairman of the board. This sent shockwaves across Silicon Valley and the entire technology ecosystem. The board named CTO Mira Murati as the interim chief executive.

Like everyone else, I found the news hard to believe. Sam Altman fired? How could Altman, the renowned face of this high-profile company, be out? Just a day or two ago, he was mingling with leaders from APEC, taking swipes at rivals at Grok and Google. Altman has been the man since OpenAI released ChatGPT a year ago, marking it as the most interesting development in Silicon Valley since the iPhone and Facebook.

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