Fourth of July weekend gun violence in U.S. kills 220

iNDICA NEWS BUREAU- Gun violence, including mass shootings, over the Fourth of July weekend killed at least 220 people and inured 570 others injured, according to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA). Published tallies showed the number of weekend shootings was almost equal to the number of resulting injuries, with well over 500 instances of shootings documented nationwide between July 1-4, according to Xinhua news agency, quoting the GVA. There were only five states where one or more shootings were not reported in that time frame. Of all gun violence incidents accounted for during the holiday weekend, at least 11 were classified as mass shootings by the GVA. Any situation where four or more people, excluding the shooter, are killed or wounded by gunshots is considered a mass shooting. The database lists 315 mass shootings across the country since the beginning of this year, and roughly 22,500 deaths caused by any form of gun violence. The number of injuries so far traced to gun violence approaches the total death toll. In 2021, more than 180 people were killed and 516 were injured in shootings that took place during the same holiday weekend.