Global Climate Changes, Challenges, and Well-Grounded Perspectives

Dr. KRS Murthy-

Dr. KRS Murthy-

Dr. KRS Murthy is a child prodigy public speaker and serves as a Board of Directors at IEEE as well as President of Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC). The views expressed are his own.

Global climate, climatic changes over observed decades, over one century, and alarming statements by not only the climate scientists but also blindly echoed by the politicians and heads of states of nations have reached a peak, confusing the general public all around the globe. The general public is not to be blamed, as they are acting on their conscience, many are worried about their families and their future generations.

The so-called outspoken experts do not yet understand the climate, environment, and global temperature variations at all. Our earth has gone through about five major climatic catastrophes, millions of years before humans evolved on the earth. These major catastrophes wiped out 70 to 90 percent of the vegetation, life of many forms, especially the large animals, long before the humans. These major catastrophes created long winters, even many millions of years before totally new life forms evolved. This is simply the act of nature, different destructions, and rejuvenated totally new life forms. Humans were not even conceived by nature for millions of years of evolution of different life forms, followed by clean sweep destructions. It is all the nature in its natural acts.

There were much smaller level climatic catastrophes, which destroyed both vegetation and animal life before, and after the arrival of humans. Different cycles on the earth included ice ages, different volcanic eruptions, ocean, and river floods, famines, lack of rain and precipitation like snow, desertification, destruction of low laying bays and capes by ocean floods, overgrazing of animals, el Ninos, floods due to excessive rains in different parts of the globe, natural course changes of rivers, typhoons, and severe thunderstorms are some of the examples. These are of small, medium, and large scales.

Population destructions in millions have also been caused by humans when countries invade their neighbors, religious wars, invaders like the Islamic and Christian zealots mercilessly expanding their religions across Europe, across different Asian nations, Moghul invaders only and brutally for looting, destroying temples, raping peaceful religions, plundering temples mostly for gold, but also to convert to their religion, dictated by their prophet and book of only a few pages, and the Mongolian Khans, the Turkish ruthless cults. Spain was occupied and converted to Islam. Alexander the great was not at all great.

The icebergs and deposits in the poles and near the poles melting is not due to human activity. Earth has in the previous few thousand years have gone through different cycles of environmental ups and lows is to do with the earth as part of the cycles, actually multiple different cycles, long before humans existed and through the multiplicity of earth activities in its upper and lower layers, underwater volcanoes responsible for tectonic shifts, mountainous volcanoes, earthquakes, long term continental shifts and long term movements, sea-level changes, ice ages, etc. none of the items I listed are coordinated or related to each other, which becomes unpredictable for different computer-based simulations.

The earth has uncoordinated and unconnected behavior including its spin going through slow drifts, the precession similar to a top’s behavior after it loses its initial spin rate, the wobble, nod = similar to the  Japanese greeting each other by bending their upper body and also the head and sidewise nod from left to right and back like a pendulum swing, plus magnetic pole reversals. Please understand that all these behaviors are not connected to each other with different long and short time cycles.

Funnily, the elementary particles like proton, neutron, electrons, etc. spin and a variety of other behavior not exactly like or connected to the earth’s multiplicity of behaviors. In the fundamental particles, for each particle, there are what are called mu and tau variants (the Greek mu and tau are used as notations which are heavier for the mu version and tau for the heaviest versions determined by the spin-wobble, etc behaviors causing them to have higher and highest masses. The electronics-heavy version is called muon. This is nature for you.

Another important thing to realize and realize well is that nature does not even know its own behavior and changes even the next moment, minute, or hour.

Physics is unable to predict if nature at the local and at universal alike doesn’t know!