Global Yaadhum Oorae Conference Attracts Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Prakash Narayan-

Kaniyan Pungundranar

Three thousand years ago, a great poet from Tamil Nadu, Kaniyan Pungundranar, wrote (in Tamil), “Yaadhum Oorae Yaavarum Kelir”, which means ‘We harbor a feeling of kinship for all places and all people are our own’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used this quote in his speech to the United Nations in 2019. By way of explanation, he added, “This sense of belonging beyond borders, is unique to India.”

When the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Edappadi K. Palaniswami, visited Silicon Valley in 2019, he launched the Yaadhum Oorae initiative to unite the Tamil speaking population around the world. As a continuation to this initiative, a ‘Global Yaadhum Oorea Conclave cum Expo 2020 is being organized, between 29th and 31st October 2020, by the Government of Tamilnadu (GoTN) Guidance agency and South Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICCI).

The theme for this conclave is “Redefining the engagement with the Tamil diaspora”. The event will celebrate the Tamil fraternity’s spirit across the nations – with its inherent vibrant traditions, Tamil language, and international trade. This Global celebration will include several events, including a Hackathon, Startup Pitch, Writers Launchpad, Conferences, cultural performances, and an international Expo to unite Tamils all around the world under one umbrella – Yaadhum Oorae.

ATEATM (American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association) is participating in this event as the US Desk for the GoTN Guidance agency to support and promote the startup ecosystem. ATEA’s involvement includes the invitation of speakers for the business panels and coordination with business organizations & chambers of commerce across the globe. Coinciding with this Global Conclave, ATEA is reinforcing two key programs: ATEA Digital Accelerator and ATEA MentorConnect.

ATEA Digital Accelerator (DAX) is a streamlined program that assists entrepreneurs in every stage of their journey. Entrepreneurs can leverage ATEA’s deep ecosystem of CXOs, SMEs, VCs, Academics and Corporate Executives starting from getting Mentored and seek guidance all the way to getting funded or receiving grants from government agencies. The ATEA Digital Accelerator program will facilitate funding through accomplished entrepreneurs, seed investors and venture capital funds in the US and India.

ATEA is currently inviting applications from eligible Startups for the Digital Accelerator (DAX) program. Eligible Startups can come from the fields of information technology, healthcare, environmental, scientific or social governance, and/or based on sustainable development goals, but not limited to these areas. This is open for registration year-round to assist startup companies from US and India. Evaluations and investor deal flow sessions will be conducted on a quarterly basis. Entrepreneurs can apply now for DAX at

Jags Kandasamy, co-founder & CEO of LatentAI, said, “The ATEA Digital Accelerator provides assistance to entrepreneurs in every step of their journey. It is useful for startups getting off the block and for those that are more established, like ours. Startups have the opportunity to tap into the ecosystem”.  ATEA co-founders Ram Nagappan and Lena Kannappan echoed the sentiments expressed by Jags Kandasamy.

ATEA MentorConnect is a program that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to be guided by Mentors – who are thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs or CXOs or SMEs or Investors themselves. In the spirit of “giving back to the community”, they are willing to share their skills, knowledge and expertise. The primary objective of this program is to elevate the leadership skills of aspiring entrepreneurs, which will lead to directly impacting the future of their venture. This program is not intended to be a one-time-engagement between the Mentor and the entrepreneur, but an ongoing one where the Mentor provides guidance and constructive feedback along the way.

ATEA’s Mentors believe that “Being successful does not make you great. What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great”. The program itself is run virtually and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to select a Mentor of their choice – based on their requirement and the stage they are in their entrepreneurial journey.


[To register visit Global Yaadhum Oorae Conclave.  and  ATEA’s Digital Accelerator and MentorConnect programs.]