Google Cloud CEO unveils new innovations to empower firms


Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian on Tuesday announced several new cloud innovations to help organizations of all sizes scale their businesses in the new normal.

He announced ‘Google Distributed Cloud’ which extends the infrastructure and services to customer data centers, multiple edge configurations and a hosted mode for sensitive workloads with strict security and privacy requirements.

Available in preview now, the fully-managed product brings Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services closer to where data is being generated and consumed.

“We’re also announcing expanded partnerships, including NetApp as our primary partner supporting Google’s Distributed Cloud storage infrastructure. Our Distributed Cloud also helps us further our digital sovereignty vision,” Kurian said during the company’s ‘CloudNext21’ conference.

“Customers choose our open infrastructure because we make it easy to migrate to the cloud, we can run the most demanding workloads on our high-performance network, we have a clear strategy to support multi-cloud environments, and we provide a consistent developer experience built on open source that allows customers to write once and deploy anywhere,” he explained.

The company announced ‘Vertex AI Workbench’, which provides a unified user experience to build and deploy machine learning models faster, and the general availability of ‘BigQuery Omni’, which enables customers to run cross-cloud analytics while accessing their data in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

On cyber security, Te company has created the Google Cybersecurity Action Team, a group of experts from across Google that will form “what we believe is the world’s premier security advisory team”.

“They can help you shape your security transformation – from your first roadmap and implementation, through responding to a major incident, to engineering new solutions as your needs change,” said Kurian.

Google Cloud now has 28 regions, connected by 19 subsea cables, making it the largest and lowest latency network among hyper-scale cloud providers.

“We’ve announced our plans to build 10 more regions globally, further expanding our ability to bring Google Cloud closer to customers in their countries,” he added.

Google Cloud has announced more than 20 new and expanded partnerships with technology leaders across each of the strategic focus areas at the company.