Hasan Minhaj’s take on George Floyd’s death release on Netflix


Hasan Minhaj wants his community, South Asians in general, to stop hiding in the background and come forth and stand up for the black community.

In his latest ‘Patriot Act’ episode, he busts out at the barbarity of American police over Floyd’s death.

This is unlike his regular act with no background audience to laugh at his jokes, and frankly, he doesn’t joke around this time. Because there’s nothing funny about Floyd’s death.

He fearlessly rips apart the system that encourages discrimination on the basis of race, and calls for his fellow men to first make a change within themselves about the bias they hold about black people. He tears into Asian hypocrisy and calls out people for thinking this is not their fight and an American issue only.

Being an Indian-American Muslim, Hasan speaks directly to the Asian community and other immigrant minorities in America in a bid to educate them about racism and draw their support in the matter. His new Patriot Act episode is titled ‘We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd’.

He unapologetically points out the problem India has with ‘blackness’ and how brands endorse ‘fair skin’ vehemently. India’s obsession with fair skin is a deep discussion in its own terms.

He also clearly acknowledges how it is because of the black community and a man called Martin Luther King Jr. that Indians are even here in the United States.

He ends the video by exhorting Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison to charge and prosecute the four police officers as “hard as you possibly can.”

“They have got to go to prison. We can’t let this moment slip away,” he says