House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expresses commitment to deepen India-US ties


The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy welcomed Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu to the US in California and expressed his firm commitment and support for deepening the India-US partnership.

“I want to welcome you, Mr Ambassador to the great state of California into the Indian wells valley. More importantly, I want to thank you for your service and Chandi who is also continuing to work on our relationships and the important relationship we have with India. I look forward to continuing to build the bond that we have had for years before and even strengthen our relationship for the years to come,” he said.

McCarthy welcomed India’s envoy Taranjit Singh Sandhu at a reception hosted by eminent diaspora members at Indian Wells in California and re-conveyed his support for stronger India-US ties in the days to come.

The event was part of the Embassy’s sustained bipartisan outreach to elected representatives and bureaucrats at a federal and sub-national level and to the industry and Indian diaspora.

Addressing the gathering, Sandhu highlighted India’s journey in the last 75 years in all spheres, including politics and economy, the ongoing digital transformation and clean energy, the evolution of the India-US partnership and how it is now being spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Joe Biden’s vision; and the role of diaspora in fostering ties.

“First, India’s own remarkable developmental journey overcoming numerous challenges; Second, the parallel evolution of the India-US partnership to become one of the most consequential relationships in the world and third, the exemplary role that the Indian Diaspora had played and continues to play in nurturing this relationship,” said Sandhu.

In his remarks, Sandhu underlined three important aspects that merit attention. He noted that the India-US partnership is thriving and touching new areas of endeavor.

“TRUST between the two partners has been enhanced, as evidenced by joint initiatives like- ICET with its focus on the next Gen areas of Semiconductors, Quantum, Defence, Space, and Telecomm and regular and sustained high-level engagements incl at PM Modi & President Biden level. To cover this ground, bipartisan support for the India-US relationship in the US Congress has been a critical pillar of support. In a global scenario of uncertainty, India and India-US relations have emerged as a beacon of stability,” he added. Notably, Nachhattar and Susana Chandi are shining examples of the success stories of Indian ex-pats in the US.

Chandi was born and raised in a small village within Uttar Pradesh and was a farmer’s son, while, Nachhattar moved to America in 1991 and obtained a job at a small gas station in Indio, California.

A true success story, Nachhattar, went from pumping gas and fixing tires to buying the gas station and converting it into his first franchise in just a short span.

Meanwhile, Chandi Group US owns dozens of properties and businesses throughout California, employing thousands of people and bringing much-needed services to under-served communities.


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