India’s govt cracks down on fact-checker & cartoonist


Amid Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s standoff with social media in general and Twitter in particular, comes news that fact-checks on video clips shared by ruling political party members are inviting legal notices, as are cartoons critical of the government.

See the example below, in a tweet from Mohammed Zubair, who is part of the widely known fact-checking website Alt News that has been quoted, among many other mainstream media, by Britain’s BBC.

Twitter regularly takes down tweets in response to legal notices from the government.

The company has told the government that it is making efforts to comply with India’s new regulations for social media, and will share the details for the same in a week’s time

Zubair’s tweet comes days after a popular cartoonist, Manjul, posted that he had received a notice from Twitter about Indian law enforcement sending them a notice about his account. Manul posted the notice from Twitter, saying Jai ho Modi sarkar ki, which means all hail the Modi government. On Friday, Indian website reported that Manjul had lost his job.