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Justice Markandey Katju-

Justice Markandey Katju

Justice Markandey Katju is a former Judge, Supreme Court of India, and former Chairman, Press Council of India. The views expressed are his own.

Indians are presently celebrating, trumpeting, partying, and rejoicing. Rishi Sunak is about to become Prime Minister of the UK, and India beat Pakistan in the T20 World Cup cricket match in Melbourne

This reminds me of a sher ( couplet ) of the Urdu poet Aatish :

” Fasl-e-bahaar aayi piyo sufiyon sharaab

Bas ho chuki namaaz musalla uthaiye ”

As regards the first cause for celebration, Indians are exultant over the fact that the country which once ruled India, will now be ruled by a person of Indian origin i.e. the tables will be turned.

In my opinion, this is a puerile and inane thought. It is wholly irrelevant that Rishi is of Indian origin, or a Hindu, or is 42. How is the color of his skin, or the country of his origin, or his age, relevant to the functioning of a British Prime Minister? Indians also rejoiced when Kamala Harris became Vice President of USA, which only revealed our immaturity.

The only relevant question is what plan Rishi has to salvage UK’s economy, which is in recession.

Recession is due to lack of sales, which means that the productive forces have outstripped demand. How will Rishi create demand? What are his ideas in this respect? He has not clarified anything. He may have worked for Goldman Sachs or as a hedge fund manager, but that does mean he can solve the woes of the British economy.

Moreover, it is silly to think that as British Prime Minister Rishi will do anything for India, just as it was silly to think that Kamala Harris would do anything for us.

As regards India’s victory in the cricket match against Pakistan, there is no doubt great rejoicing in India for beating our ‘enemy’ and arch rivals. But cricket is really one of the opiums of the Indian masses ( the others being TV, politics, religion, etc ). It is an excellent way to divert attention of the people from real issues like poverty, unemployment, price rise, lack of healthcare and good education, casteism&communalism, corruption, etc.

The Roman Emperors used to say that if you cannot give the people bread, give them circuses. India’s position has slipped to number 107 out of 121 countries in the world Global Hunger Index:

There is massive poverty, unemployment, lack of proper healthcare and good education in India.

So what is there to celebrate about?


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