Indian-American actress celebrate Hanukkah and opens up about Farmers Protest


Indian-American actress is all geared up to celebrate the Jewish festival of Hanukkah today (December 10).

Aneesha Madhok says that she has always celebrated the festival and it holds a lot of significance for her.

“Hannukah is also a festival that is celebrated by Indians but not everyone knows that there are Jews in India. I like to celebrate all the festivals in India — from Eid to Holi to Hannukah,” said Aneesha.

Explaining the relevance of the festival, Aneesha adds, “It’s an eight-day festival where each day we light a candle. So, there are a total of eight candles. The candle is kept by the window as that is a metaphor for sharing your light with others.”

Ask her what she loves to eat on Hanukkah and she says, “The original famous Jewish Matzo ball soup has an Indian flavor with spices and turmeric. We love our spices!”

Besides being candid by sharing here diverse celebrations she is also now for her outspoken nature.

In regards to the Farmer’s Protest while many Bollywood celebrities hold their silence, Aneesha has been voicing her support loud and clear.

In a video posted on her social media profile, she said, “I support the Punjab farmers’ protest. I feel India is a democratic country and everyone has the right to stand up for what they believe in peacefully. I feel that the farmers should be at least heard because we are not farmers and we won’t know their pain. When people protest, they just want their voices to be heard. And I understand that we are still battling the Coronavirus and it’s difficult to hold a protest at this time, but this wouldn’t have happened if we had heard then in the first place. Let’s hear them out. I am in full support of them and will always be.”

Further, she also said, “Despite the farmer’s bill being advantageous for some people, it has certainly not been an advantage for people in Punjab. Some people after reading the bill feel that it makes sense however some farmers do not feel it made sense to them. So we need to listen to the farmers and what they want. If they wanted, they could have protested violently but they did not”.

While many celebrities from the younger generation chose to keep mum or be politically correct on such issues, Aneesha chooses to voice her opinion for the betterment of the fellow citizens and also to bring about a positive change in society.