Indian American actress on her latest film “When the Music Changes”



“When the Music Changes”- a film by Lakshmi Devy, an Indian- American filmmaker, director, and actress highlights some germane questions into viewers’ understanding of atrocities against women and has garnered rage views from all over the world.

The film has already laid its footprints successfully into numerous international film festivals, which is based on real-life incidents and unprecedented violence and atrocities faced by women in the contemporary world.

From being a medical graduate to then realizing that acting was her calling and later evolving into a screenplay writer and subsequently turning to direction, Lakshmi Devy’s journey has been adventurous.

The actress, who was born in New York, raised in Kerala and pursued college education in Chennai, has also started a production house, FiDi Talkies LLC., in the US.

She is an ideal blend of two entirely different cultures which are Indian and American. She has worked in renowned Tamil and Malayalam films before and is not an outsider in the film industry.

Before making “When the Music Changes” she has directed a short film named “Daro Mat”, which is the first production under her banner.

She produced her latest film under FiDi Talkies, and John Turturro, the prominent Hollywood actor, and director is the executive producer for this venture.

Lakshmi describes her new film as an eye-opener for her and all the people around. She believes that this film was a journey of learning not only as a filmmaker but also as a human being which inspires her towards changing our outdated patriarchal mindsets and traditions.

The film has so far received immense love and appreciation from fans all over the world and some renowned and popular figures from the Hollywood film fraternity have congratulated Lakshmi on her success as well as the impact that she has created with her acting skills.

Having more platforms today has opened doors for filmmakers to create more stories and for the audience at the same time more options to the kind of content they want to view.

Thus, it becomes important for filmmakers and directors to produce content that is unique and creative at the same time. And Lakshmi Devy with her extraordinary skills and talent is focused towards entertaining its audiences with relevant and relatable content that leave them disturbed and inspired at the same time.