Indian American artist among many joins California’s “Your Actions Save Lives”


In an aim to stop the spread of COVID-19, several artists from California are coming together to join the “Your Actions Save Lives” campaign, to do their part.

One of the artists among this group is an Indian American, Sunroop Kaur, whose work is titled as Basant (Spring). It is a massive 20 feet tall and 75 feet wide mural located at the corner of East Main Street and Grant Street in downtown Stockton.

As of now, there are 14 original works that has been produced in mediums including performing, literary, and visual arts in public places throughout California, the program launched in April with installations and performances through June at various locations.

Speaking about the campaign to the Sacramento-based FOX40 news channel, Kaur said: “I wanted the colors to be inviting, welcoming, just uplifting overall.

“Sort of the blooming after a long winter which is sort of what Covid has been like.”

The mural features a masked man and woman separated by a Mughal miniature-inspired floral border and arches.

“I wanted to capture the moment, that sort of universal longing that we felt for our loved ones where, you know, we want to be close to them. We want to be near them but we can’t because, in fact, we want to keep them safe.”

“Just working on this piece I’ve talked to so many people who come up wanting to learn about my culture, wanting to learn about the meaning of the piece and just sort of having those dialogues in conversation I think is super important, so I’m grateful to have been the conduit for that conversation,” Kaur told Fox 40.

She hopes the piece makes people more aware of Covid-19 and her community.

Leveraging the power of art as a form of communication and supporting California’s arts community, the program was developed in partnership with The Center at Sierra Health Foundation.

The campaign also features Latino, Black/African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American/Indigenous and LGBTQ artists.