Indian American becomes the first woman to launch a new Medicare plan in US


An Indian American healthcare professional has made history by becoming the first woman to launch a new Medicare Advantage Health Plan in the United States, delivering a high-quality and affordable health plan for seniors.

Pooja Ika, a 2019 Babson College graduate, is the CEO of eternalHealth.

The company has already grown to a team of 20 and has raised a seed round of $10 million from successful healthcare and tech entrepreneurs.

“For the first time ever, a health plan has been launched in the U.S. by a woman at 24 and not only that, but by a woman of color. This all has been accomplished within a year, a process that typically takes health plans two to three years,” said Ika.

“Navigating through the healthcare system can be complicated, and insurance companies are not always the best at helping you navigate through it.

“eternalHealth is committed to empowering our members so that they make informed decisions and take their care into their own hands. By educating our members, establishing trusted relationships with the providers and health systems in our network, and using the latest in technology and tools, we can deliver higher quality care at a lower cost to our members.”

eternalHealth has also attracted the attention of Red Sox legend David Ortiz, popularly known as Big Papi. Ortiz has partnered with the organization as their Brand Ambassador, stating that he truly believes in eternalHealth’s mission.

“Eighty percent of healthcare decisions are made by women for their families. However, women remain underrepresented in the healthcare industry, especially in c-suite positions,” said Ms. Ika, who has been passionate about healthcare since childhood.

Ika said that eternalHealth is committed to being a new kind of plan that is focused on doing things the right way and establishing lasting relationships with its members.

“At our core, we believe in operating with trust, transparency, and integrity with all of our partners. This includes our members, health systems, doctors, and all other healthcare delivery partners,” added Ms. Ika.

“We went through a rightful and rigorous vetting process by state officials and now, we are excited to say we’re the first new health plan launched in Massachusetts since 2013.”

Through its technology-driven, innovative platform, eternalHealth is able to substantially reduce its administrative and operating costs across the entire enterprise. The cost savings allow more dollars to be allocated towards actual medical care, while also passing down savings to members through robust, yet affordable products.

eternalHealth understands the importance of having a member-centric platform. Alongside friendly and helpful customer service, members also have access to an easy-to-use Member App and Portal that empowers them to take their care into their own hands.

As a local health plan, eternalHealth provides high-quality care with low out-of-pocket costs to the residents of Massachusetts, while prioritizing the specific needs of the people in the state. eternalHealth is a Medicare Advantage health plan that offers HMO and PPO products in Worcester, Middlesex, and Suffolk counties of the state.