Indian-American City of Fremont Councilmember Reflects Love for His Hometown


Indian American Raj Salwan, an incumbent who won the Fremont City Council District 5 seat in California on Tuesday, Nov. 3, in the general election says his dream is to make Fremont a world-class cosmopolitan city where people of every background are welcome and made to feel like family.

Salwan, 46, a veterinarian by profession was first appointed to the Fremont City Council seat in 2013 after then councilmember Bill Harrison, who vacated the seat to serve as mayor of the city of Fremont.

Salwan is known as the humble, soft-spoken Fremont man, a city with a high ratio of Indian Americans. He won the election at 79.03%, leaving behind his rival, Dolev Gandler. “I am excited and humbled to win re-election to Fremont City Council. Fremont has given my family so much, and I’m privileged to give back to my city.”

“I’m going to work hard in my next term Fremont is a great family-friendly city which gives individuals a chance at a good life,’ said Councilmember Salwan, who grew up in Fremont and attended Vallejo Mill Elementary School and Washington High School. Councilmember Salwan also attended the University of California, Irvine and studied Biological Sciences, and has a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee University.

He says the city of Fremont gave him the opportunity to go from living in a one-bedroom apartment to help run a successful business and serve as a Human Relations Commissioner, Planning Commissioner, Councilmember, and as the Vice Mayor of Fremont.

When asked what his vision is for the next year he said, “I envision a day when we have superb public transportation that is reliable, frequent, and well-connected so we can get around with ease.”

He said the city of Fremont has beautiful parks, is relatively safe, and has a diverse community that coexists peacefully. It’s the home to Tesla, Seagate, Lam Research, Western Digital, Delta, and many other companies focused on advanced manufacturing, clean technology, medical devices, and high tech.


“For me, it’s my homeland. It gave me everything I needed to have a successful life…a safe environment, good schools, beautiful parks to play in, and a chance at achieving the American dream,” said Salwan. “We have changed a lot in the many years I have [been] here. We were a bedroom community that is now a strategically urban community with major employment centers and a hub for innovation. We welcome people from all walks of life and backgrounds and are an inclusive community.”