Indian American community strengthened our relations: Rep. Gregory Meeks


Affirming that India-US relationship will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century, Congressman Gregory Meeks credited the Indian American community for bolstering the ties between the two nations.

“The US-India partnership has only grown in importance over the course of past 14 years, strengthened by our people-to-people ties with overwhelming (majority of) Indian-Americans, many of whom live in the city of New York, and of course, in my congressional district,” Meeks who serves the fifth Congressional district of New York, said in a video message shared by the Indian Embassy in the US.

“We can leverage this vibrant diaspora to enhance our cooperation and create greater opportunities for the people of our two great nations,” Meeks said in his message.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting the US from June 21-24 at the invitation of US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

The visit includes a state dinner as well as an address to the Joint Session of the Congress on June 22.

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As Prime Minister Modi prepares to board the Air India One, Indian Americans are waiting to welcome the leader, and the community has been actively extending their messages and wishes on social media.

More than 7,000 Indian Americans are expected to be present as a 21-gun salute accompanies the President and First Lady as they welcome Modi to the White House.

The community has been organising big-ticket events and cultural events to welcome the Prime Minister.

Stating that the India-US relationship will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century, Meeks said he wants to see the two nations work in unison to advance peace and prosperity.

“I look forward to hearing from the Prime Minister during our joint meeting of Congress on his vision for India, for India’s relationship with the US, and I see us work together to advance peace, prosperity, democratic values and stability in the Indo-Pacific,” Meeks said concluding his message with “Jai Hind” (Hail India).

Indian Americans are the second-largest immigrant group in the US, with their population estimated to be more than 4 million.

The New York City area, specifically, is home to the largest Indian American population of any metropolitan area in the country. According to estimates, close to 600,000 South Asian Americans live in New York, making it home to the nation’s second largest South Asian population, behind only California.

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