Indian American couple release ad in support of Biden in 14 languages


In order to woo the Indian-American community in the presidential elections to be held on November 3, an Indian American couple, a Democratic Party supporters have started a similar campaign in 14 languages including Hindi.

Based in Silicon Valley, they have launched a digital graphics campaign in Hindi, requesting community members to support Joe Biden and vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Biden’s supporters Ajay and Vinita Bhutoria said that the campaign titled ‘Trump Hatao America Bachao’ and ‘Biden, Harris Jitao, America ko aage badao’ was released in 14 Indian languages on Monday.

Earlier, Ajay had also released two Bollywood videos to bring people of Indian origin and South Asian community in support of Biden and Harris.

The focus of the campaign on the battle ground States where every vote matter and Indian-Americans can play an important role in the election results, Bhutoria said in a statement.

Battle ground States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, along with three southern states Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, as well as Arizona collectively have 127 electoral votes.

Bhutoria said in a statement that the campaign is focused on the hard-fought states where every vote count and the Indian-American community can play an important role in the election results. The hard-fought states include Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, as well as the three southern states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina and Arizona.
He said, “Indian American votes will decide win-loss and will make a win-win difference in the hard-fought states”.

In 2016 Trump had a narrow win in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Democratic supporters this year are doing extensive outreach to the Indo Americans /South Asians in 14 languages through thousands of phone banking calls each week.

“We are determined to turn out the 1.3 million Indo American votes for Biden,” he said. Earlier Ajay had released two Bollywood videos to “unite all South Asians and people of Indian origin to support Biden and Harris.

‘Chale Chalo Biden ko vote do’ (Let’s go, vote for Biden) the music video is now running on TV Asia as an advertisement and Ajay also led by bringing Digital Graphics of “America Ka Neta Kaisa Ho Jo Biden Jaisa ho” and “Jaago America Jaago, Biden Harris ko Vote do” earlier in 14 languages