Indian-American doctor honored for improving New Mexico’s COVID response


A prominent Indian American doctor has been honored for his impeccable service to prevent and treat the Covid-19 pandemic in New Mexico.

Dr. Jonathan Iralu, an origin on Nagaland, is being celebrated across Mexico as Dr. Jonathan Iralu’s Day.

This campaign by the doctor created covid awareness in Mexico. In addition, Dr. Iralu’s special medical team arranged high-quality treatment for the Citizens of Mexico. The Governor of New Mexico announced Monday as

Dr. Jonathan Iralu Day’ for the service provided against the Covid pandemic. It may be recalled that Dr. Jonathan Iralu is the son of Taifta Zed Iralu, a distinguished doctor from Heritage Village Khanma in Nagaland.

He is currently the Chief Consultant in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Health Care, Government of India, a teacher at Herbad Medical School, and a senior doctor at Global Health Equity in Boston, USA.

The Nagaland CM, Neiphiu Rio has also expressed his delight on the news. “I’m delighted to know the State of New Mexico Exec. Office, Santa Fe, New Mexico has proclaimed July 19, 2021 as “Dr. Jonathan Iralu Day.

“Dr. Jonathan Vilasier Iralu is a 3rd generation doctor from Khonoma village. He has made the people of Nagaland proud. Congratulations to him” – tweeted by the CM.

Jonathan is an MD, FACP, FISDA, the Indian Health Service Chief Clinical Consultant for Infectious Diseases. Jonathan has been treating New Mexicans and caring for his community at the Gallup Indian Medical Centre since 1994.