Indian American elected Governor for California Lions District post


California’s Lions Club association has appointed Indian American as their Governor for the term 2021-2022.

James Varghese’s term will officially commence on July 1st, 2021.

Previously, Varghese has served as Silicon Valley Indian Lions Club charter president as well as Zone Chair, Region Chair and 2nd Vice District Governor.

According to the press release, it said that James has the vision to continue the decades-old legacy of Lions Club. He will be sworn in as part of the Virtual International Convention being held in Montreal, Canada.

The newly elected district cabinet under the guidance of James Varghese is planning to have a District Cabinet Installation ceremony. Following this ceremony, the entire cabinet will be officially installed. Governor James and his cabinet will take the oath in front of the honorable guests.

The chief guest for this ceremony is the Past President of Lions Club International, Joe Preston. This commemoration will act as the building block of the endeavors that Lion James intends within his term.

Every year Lions Clubs International conducts a huge convention where Lions Club members from over 200 countries participate and district governors are installed at that time. Due to the corona pandemic, this year the convention in Singapore was canceled and the governor installations were done on a virtual platform.

The press release also said James Varghese is a man with a broad vision. He sees the world and aims to beautify it. While Lion James served as the Vice District Governor, he overlooked many key aspects of serving his community.

District 4-c3 is one of the proactive districts in California in serving the community, noted the release, adding that even during the corona pandemic, Lions in this district were active in supporting the community in various ways.

Lion James believes that when someone has power and authority, they must consider it their duty to help as many people as they can. As a member of the Lions Club, James Varghese has dedicated his power and title to help those in dire need. Partnering up with third-party organizations, Lion James has provided hundreds of tons of food.

Taking the office as the Governor, Lion James has big plans that he desires to implement in his term.