Indian American girl enthralls audiences in Kerala with her non-fungible token digital paintings


Ava and Ramona, two digital imaginary characters in the life of a 14-year-old artist from Texas, are regaling audiences of all age groups in Kerala these days. An exhibition of non-fungible token (NFT) digital paintings by the Indian American girl has captured the imagination of art enthusiasts. The teenage artist, originally from Kerala, has minted over 100 NFTs.

Teresa Melvin has created two characters on the blockchain and launched AvaRamona, a whole new series of NFTs and merchandise. As part of the exhibition at a cafe in Panampilly Nagar in Kochi, the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala, she is also conducting a workshop on NFT art for children in the age group of 8-12.

The exhibition titled ‘Coming Home’ features over 100 works done by Teresa in two years and is being displayed on 11 screens. The workshop focuses on character art and she also explains the process of converting digital art into derivative art.

Visitors to her exhibition get a unique experience of the amalgamation of art and technology. She has created and sold over 1,000 artworks on prominent platforms and is a recipient of the ‘Creator of the Year’ award by Met Ams, an international web3 event in Amsterdam. Her artworks have been exhibited at major international events across India, the UK, Dubai, Bali, Canada, and the US.

“I had a phenomenal start to my solo art show, and to make it even more special, I had the opportunity to meet my former first-grade teacher. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing additional photos and videos from the event. Excited for tomorrow’s digital workshop for kids,” Teresa has posted in her social media account on ‘X’.

“Ava & Ramona are two imaginary friends I have always had growing up who have unique personalities and characters. Art and Web3 have enabled me to bring them to life. Just like my parents empowered me to bring my imagination and dreams to life, I also love to empower other young artists,” Teresa said on her website –

NFTs are assets that are tokenized via a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from other tokens.

“I created Ava when I was 9, she is more of a common person who is very optimistic. She loves baking doughnuts and represents how I was then, maybe even now,” she said. When she turned 11, Teresa created Ramona as an adventure-loving character on lines of her aspirational self. “Ramona loves skateboarding,” she added.

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