Indian Americans honored for preserving and living the Hindu way of life


Hindus of Greater Houston(HGH) have honored 10 Indian American youths who live their Hindu values by finding enterprising ways to serve the community.

Nominated by various Hindu faith-based organizations, they were recognized for their service to the community and promoting Hindu culture at the 10th Virtual Annual Hindu Youth Awards by Hindus of Greater Houston. The event was hosted by Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj (VPSS), on December 19.

PM Modi sent a message lauding the awards to “further strengthen the connection with their roots.” The awards were presented by Consul General Aseem Mahajan who lauded the youth for displaying leadership and their participation in the community.

“The winners will surely help propagate the richness of our magnificent identity, particularly among the young generations,” Modi said in a letter to the HGH.

“The Indian diaspora settled in different parts of the world have been the ambassadors of our glorious culture and tradition. With the noble philosophy of love, harmony and compassion, Sanatan Dharma is a guiding light to humanity. Its universal appeal has always attracted and influenced the people across the world. Our rich cultural heritage is marked by a continuity spanning thousands of years, transcending physical and geographical boundaries,” the prime minister said.

An overview of HGH’s activities during 2020 was offered by President Thara Narasimhan. HGH participated in 20 city and international events during the year, organized multiple food drives and one blood drive.

The awardees were nominated by various Hindu faith-based organizations.

Consul General of India in Houston, Aseem Mahajan, presented the awards and lauded the youths for displaying leadership and participation in the community.

The youth awardees were Anish Nayak (Seva International), Anusha Sathyanarayan (Eternal Gandhi Museum of Houston), Nithya Ramankulangara (Sri Meenakshi Temple Society), Sandeep Prabhakar (Global Organization of Divinity), Kruthi Patel (BAPS), Vipaschit Nanda (Arya Samaj), Abhimanyu Aggarwal (Hindu Heritage Youth Camp) and Rajit Shah (Vallabh Vidya Mandir). Two special awards were presented to Namita Pallod (Sanatan Hindu Dharma) and Komal Luthra (Young Hindus of Greater Houston).

One of his biggest contributions was to start a plasma donor registry for Covid-19 patients with Sewa volunteer Kavita Tewary.

Dr. Madan Luthra was awarded the 2020 Akhil Chopra Unsung Heroes award for his selfless service especially during the country’s battle with the pandemic. Dr. Luthra, a retired research scientist from MD Anderson, volunteers as a core lead and is one of the initiators of the Case Management division of the Family Services program of Sewa.  Dr. Luthra and his team step in “like a family member” to help those coping with emergencies, accidents, medical issues, death and bereavement and family disputes.

In his keynote address, actor Nitish Bharadwaj of the popular television serial, Mahabharat, fame, congratulated the youths for bringing accolades to India and raising the country’s image in the world.

“Hindus have proved to the world that they assimilate wherever they go. They not only introduce other cultures to India’s richness, but also imbibe the positive qualities of the country they live in. NRI’s are India’s peace ambassadors,” he said.