Indian-American pop-artiste releases new album

indica News Bureau-

Avanti Nagral, an international pop artiste from Mumbai, India, and residing at Boston has released her new music album called ‘Sneaking Around’. The album has Indian and Latin music that shows different aspects of the singer’s personality. 

Hailing from India, according to her website, Nagral is first in the world to pursue a dual-degree at both Harvard University and Berklee College of Music. As a youth icon, she has a large fan following and runs performance workshops at schools across India and the US. She has also performed at many venues in India, South Asia and USA, delighting her fans with her music. 

Choreographed and directed by Bollywood choreographer Mudassar Khan, her new music video shows the tradition of a girl and boy meeting for the first time for an arranged marriage proposal by their parents. With a tadka of Bollywood music with dances, locations, outfits and catchy lyrics, the video shows how on one hand Nagral is a simple girl who follows tradition but also knows how to party hard with her group of friends. 

Describing her track, Nagral said to Miss that the song musically and visually celebrates the multiple worlds each of us live in. She also said she had a great time working with Bollywood artistes Pablo and Mudassar. 

She released the first virtual reality music video in South Asia for her single ‘I Like’, and has since released “Treated”, “The Other Side” and “Thank u (pls)”, which are in rotation on VH1 India.