Indian American professor urges people to prevent the spread of Omicron


Indian-American researcher and data scientist Bhramar Mukherjee took to Twitter stating reasons why people might not want to get Covid-19.

She wrote, “The Omicron wave is staring India in the eye. Expectedly, so India is not an exception in the world.”

Mukherjee, who is a researcher and Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan stated on Thursday, December 30 that going by the reports and the slow pace of Omicron cases rising in the country, people are taking the variant lightly believing that it is very mild.

In order to avoid lockdown havoc on the poor and economy of the country, India must choose “prudence over panic”, said Mukherjee.

Wear masks, get vaccinated, avoid large indoor gatherings and interact in well-ventilated spaces – are the three components recommended by Mukherjee for a middle road in the battle against the ever-mutating virus.

In a series of tweets, Mukherjee elaborated on why one must take preventive measures against “Omi-Covid”. The cost of getting infected with Covid-19 is not just restricted to the immediate effects of the disease on the body, but its long-term impact on survivors, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, the Professor said.

“I am scared when I am hearing from my friends ‘no worries, this one is mild.’ Here are five reasons you may not want to get Omi-Covid. Let us try to prevent COVID 2022.” she said in her opening tweet in the thread.

Talking globally, She stated that fully vaccinated people with a history of infection are also at risk of contracting the virus again, without a booster dose.

“Many people in India have had both vaccination and Covid, this may be helpful but we do not have data yet,” she added.

She mentioned that another wave would stress the medical infrastructure even if a small fraction needs medical care and “this will affect care of other diseases. We know disruption in care leads to mortality.”

Mukherjee stressed on protecting people vulnerable to Covid-19 including kids and young adults who are still not vaccinated.

“Nearly 40 percent of the population in India is below 18. That is a large number. Nearly half a billion,” she quoted.

She urged people on her Twitter account to “choose prudence over panic.”

Lastly, Mukherjee states her New year resolution, “fight for global health equity & transparent data.