Indian-American Sikh Mayor Singh-Allen Writes to Ambassador Sandhu on Farmers’ Protest


The first Indian-Amerian Sikh woman Mayor of the United States, Bobbie Singh-Allen, has written a letter to the Indian Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, about appealing to the Indian government regarding the ongoing farmers’ protest in India.

She opened the letter with Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote, “Injustice anywhere is as a threat to justice everywhere.”

Noting that the protest has gone too far and the government’s inaction is hurting the basic string of justice around the world.

In a loud and clear note, she said she stands “in strong solidarity with the Indian farmers protesting in India”.

As a proud Punjabi and a naturalized American, Bobbie noted difficult it is for her to see the way the Indian government is handling the situation with little remorse for those who are already hurt and burdened.

She says, “Hundreds of thousands of farmers are protesting in India. The peaceful protest has met with aggression by being beaten and tear-gassed. The right to protest is the pillar of democracy. The world’s largest democracy cannot hold that title in name only – it must be practiced.”

She also highlighted the similarity between California and India having agriculture as the backbone of its economy.

“The vast majority of the farms in India are under five acres and the backbone of India’s economy much like California,” said Bobbie.

She also added, “Farmers from all over India, including Punjab are voicing their concerns from corporate interests, their ability to negotiate and fair pricing. The unjust policies threaten the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands and farmers in India.”

Bobbie pleaded with Ambassador Sandhu to urge the Indian government to come to a peaceful resolution that not only brings balance to both sides but also restore hope to people across the world that justice still exists.

“I encourage the Indian government to meet with the farmers in good faith and find a peaceful resolution through negotiations. The world is watching,” she said.

Bobbie became the first directly-elected Sikh woman to become mayor in the nation. She is the mayor of Elk Grove, a city within Sacramento County that Singh-Allen has lived in for the past three decades. Her family emigrated from India when she was 4-years-old.

She is a devoted mother and has spent the past eight years working for the Elk Grove School District.