Indian American LinkedIn employee killed in a Mexico shoot out


In a tragic event, a 29-year-old California-based Indian American travel blogger was killed in a shootout between two drug gangs in the Caribbean coast resort of Tulum.

Anjali Ryot, who had gone to Mexico with her husband Utkarsh Shrivastava to celebrate her birthday, unfortunately, came in between a gang war that got her killed on Wednesday, October 20.

A resident of San Jose, Ryot and her husband traveled to Mexico to celebrate Ryot’s 30th birthday on October 22. She reportedly arrived at the Tulum Resort on Monday, ahead of her 29th birthday, to celebrate the occasion in advance. On the night of the incident, the globetrotter was dining at the La Malquerida restaurant in Tulum when four men armed with firearms entered the venue.

The men immediately started firing at a table adjoined with that of the tourists. Ryot and fellow traveler Jennifer Henzold were killed during the crossfire between the two groups. The incident also injured one female tourist from the Netherlands and two male tourists from Germany.

Ryot was pronounced dead after paramedics arrived at the site of the incident, she worked as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn, confirmed the company spokesperson to indica News, and said there is no further statement from the company.

According to Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office, the fight that claimed Ryot’s life occurred between two rival groups operating drug sales in the locality.

According to the information available from Ryot’s Facebook account, she went to school in St Luke’s in Solan and Sacred Heart High School in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

In the year 2012, after completing her B Tech from Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), Waknaghat, she went to California to pursue her Master’s in electronics from San Jose State University.  She was also a teaching assistant at San Jose State University. And since July, she had been working as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer on LinkedIn. She previously served as a senior reliability and service engineer at Yahoo for five years.

Ryot’s father Former Director of the Himachal Pradesh’s Animal Husbandry Department KD Ryot, informed that she had earlier moved to Mumbai from California to do a diploma related to the film industry.

Recalling the earlier good times, he and his wife Nirmala Ryot said that their daughter had spent about three to four months with them during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown at Solan last year. He further informed that she had a great interest in traveling the world and so was also a travel blogger.



[Photo courtesy: LinkedIn]