Indian-American Trump supporters: Between dismay & disgust


Indian-American supporters of Donald Trump mostly denounced the violence unleashed by the mob that stormed the United States Capitol on January 6 — even some of those who were near the Capitol on protest.

Hemant Bhatt, founder and chairman of the New Jersey-based South Asian Republican Coalition, was one of them.

Bhatt told indica News that he was there on a “silent protest.”

He said he did not believe in the kind of violence that occurred at the National Capitol Hill that led to the deaths of five people, with a policeman succumbing Thursday, dead and several injured.

indica News has reported that at least one Indian flag was seen in the visuals that left America globally ashamed.

No, I did not carry the Indian flag, basically I believe any kind of violence is not good,” Bhatt, who in 2019 hosted a yagna and observed a fast for a Trump victory, told indica News.

He said he went with a group of Republicans from New Jersey — there was a bus going so he joined them.

We are peace-loving people. We never went inside the Capitol building and we were a little away from the Capitol Hill. And far from what has happened,” Bhatt said. “We never encourage and never endorse anything that can disturb democracy.”

Asked what motivated him to join the rally in Washington, DC, Bhatt said that it was a “mass rally and a lot of Republicans and supporters of Trump participated as Republican supporters and not of what happened.”

Others were disgusted.

KV Kumar, a veteran Republican who hosted several fundraisers for Trump, said he was disheartened with what happened, and Trump had to take the blame.

I have moved and I am no longer a Republican, I can’t stand Trump’s comments anymore,” Kumar told indica News.

What if some Republicans want to bring Ivanka Trump in 2024?

Kumar said: “Look, I don’t think people would accept Ivanka; no chance. Now none of the Trump family members will be elected in the country.”

Dr Suru Manek, another Trump supporter, was combative.

The Trumpites, with a powerful solidarity, are saying that we have been a decent and tolerant bunch but you Democrats pushed us around enough to break the camel’s back and we too can play your game, as horrible as it is,” Manek said.

He alleged that Biden and Harris had proactively promoted the inner city rioting as a phenomenon of injustice.

Now, a taste of their own medicine! How easy it is to blame Trump for anything and

everything. The issue is not riots, the issue is election rigging and then turning a blind eye,” Manek said.

He did not provide any evidence of election rigging. All courts of the land have thrown out Trump’s legal challenges, due to lack of evidence.

Shalabh Kumar, founder of the Republican Hindu Coalition, condemned the storming of the Capitol, and called it shocking.

A staunch supporter of Trump, Kumar said he supported Trump in 2016 believing in his policies, “he did take a few bold steps and even getting vaccines within a year.”

No matter what happened President Trump’s policies were no question the best but towards the end, due to Covid, he made some mistakes,” said Kumar.

Ultimately, the events of yesterday were crazy. Not only him, all Republicans were shocked by what happened.”