Indian American Uber Eats delivery executive stabbed in New York; survives attack


An Indian-American Uber Eats delivery person was stabbed several times in an attack by a person described by police as a “super perp”.

Bharatbhai Patel was attacked early Tuesday morning when he was on an electric bike to make a delivery, according to The New York Post.

The alleged attacker, Sean Cooper, was arrested later Tuesday by police, who called him a “super perp” because he had been arrested 103 times for various alleged crimes, the Post said.

In New York police terminology a “perp” is short for “perpetrator” of a crime and they use it to refer to suspects and convicts.

Patel, 36, told the Post that the alleged attacker “asked nothing. Not, ‘I need money’, nothing”.

He also told the newspaper that none of the people around him at the time of the attack came to his aid.

Because of a bail reform law passed by New York state legislator under pressure from the Democratic Party’s left wing in most criminal cases, judges cannot impose cash bail and the “perps” and the released, often arrested again for another crime.

Moreover, the public prosecutor for the Manhattan borough of New York City, Alvin Bragg who belongs to the party’s left, has been accused of downgrading crimes to allow “perps” back on the street.

The bail law and the prosecutors’ laxness have been blamed by New York Mayor Eric Adams who is a Democratic Party moderate, for the crime wave rocking the city, which according to the latest statistics saw crime increase by 26 per cent in August compared to the month last year.

According to media reports in a measure of the crime wave, during the period between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, 16 people were injured in the city in nine shootings, including one at a playground that injured two teenagers,

“It’s insane,” a police source told The New York Post about Cooper’s repeated arrests and release.

“He’s single-handedly responsible for Manhattan South’s spike in robbery and burglary.”

After this arrest, though, a judge imposed a $10,000 bail on Cooper citing three outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The rising crime rate across the US has turned into an issue for the mid-term elections putting the Democrats on the defensive.

The party’s leadership is now trying to distance itself from the campaign to “defund” the police by cutting its budget.

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