Indian-American woman arrested for tossing newborn into Florida inlet


An Indian-origin woman was arrested in the United States for allegedly tossing her newborn into a Florida inlet in 2018, The New York Post reported.

The 29-year-old woman, Arya Singh, confessed to her crime after being brought into custody, Palm Beach Sheriff officials said during a press conference on Thursday (local time).

Detective Brittany Christoffel, who was heading the case, referring to Singh, said, “She said when the baby was born she wasn’t sure if the baby was alive or dead and that was that.”

According to impassioned Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, the body was found floating in the Boynton Beach inlet on June 1, 2018, after she had been disposed it off “like a piece of trash.”

Authorities believed that the baby was alive when she was thrown into the ocean, reported The New York Post .

Currently, Singh is facing a first-degree murder charge, prosecutors said. The baby was found by an off-duty Boynton Beach firefighter while he was boating, according to The New York Post citing a past WPTV report.

Giving details about the case, Christoffel said that the team were able to track down the baby’s father who submitted to a DNA test and told investigators a woman he was dating at the time told him she was pregnant but took care of it. The father assumed that meant an abortion, Christoffel said.

Investigators were able to grab covert DNA that belonged to Singh by picking up garbage she threw out, Christoffel said.

The authorities named the newborn “Baby June” because of the day she was found. The mother never gave her a name after she was born on May 30, the sheriff’s office said.


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