“Indian Americans are a force to reckon with”, says Republican campaign official


For all the drama and revelation, the 2020 election has revealed that the Indian American community is a force to reckon with.

With less than 2 percent of the US population, the community’s influence is far-reaching and impactful. So much so that even President Donald Trump acknowledges their effect and understands their power, said the president’s re-election campaign official Saturday.

“You, the powerful Indian Americans are a force to reckon with today. You have not realized your own power, but President Trump understands your power,” Al Mason, co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee said at an event organized by the Indian Voices for Trump.

Especially in the battleground states, Indian Americans play an important role in getting Trump re-elected, he said.

Mason also noted how for many of the traditionally Democratic-minded people are moving over to the Republican party because of Trump and his policies and his relationship with India, he said, adding the vote of the community will contribute to the victory of the president.

Explaining the reasons, Al Mason, based on a survey, said Trump has respected the community and Indian leadership in a way no other president has done in the past.

“Trump has elevated India’s stature on the world stage — the India-US relationship has been rock solid. Kudos to the brilliance of both President Trump and Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi for cementing the bond between India and US,” he said in his remarks at the event.

In 2019, Al Mason explained, when the world was against PM Modi on the Kashmir issue and world leaders were criticizing him on this issue, the only man “who had the guts to stand” by him was Trump.

“The president went to the Howdy Modi event in Houston (last year) and never once injected himself into Kashmiri issue … never once interfered into the internal affairs of India…. Kashmir is a very sensitive emotional topic for every Indian American,” Al Mason said.

During his India trip early this year, Trump said America loves India, America respects India and America will always be a faithful and loyal friend to Indians.