Indian companies present technology at CES 2020, hoping to attract investors

Ritu Jha-

Every year, the technology enthusiast waits for CES where consumer electronics companies present their new technology developments. Here is a list of some of the most interesting products introduced at CES 2020. This year some Indian companies also presented their latest technologies at the CES.

BreathAI, an AI-powered sensor App that monitors diabetes through breath told indica on coming to CES2020, they are here to demo their prototype to investors. The company is looking to raise $5 million in next three to six months.

Sanjay Phadke, founder BreathAI on the idea to develop the App, said, “My daughter hates pricking finger for blood tests and I was trying to digitize smell. We put the two together.”

Another Mumbai based company Square Off brought in to display an automated chess board which allows a player to connect with their opponent sitting anywhere in the world. The chess pieces move automatically reflecting the opponent’s move, and the players can also challenge the board’s artificial intelligence.

India tech park, officially called the Motwani Jadeja Foundation booth, has been put together by the foundation of the same name. Led by Asha Jadeja Motwani, an angel investor and entrepreneur from Ahmedabad who now lives in Silicon Valley, the booth showcased seven Indian startups from across sectors.

Strom Motors was one of them and first timer to participate at the CES2020. The company introduced its three-wheeled electric car concept, the Strom R3. A unique three-wheeled, compact electric car, the Strom R3 has been designed to re-define a personal mobility solution. The company says that the Strom R3 has been designed for the urban market where users generally drive 50-80kms in a day, however, the R3 will offer a maximum range of up to 200 km on a single charge. The Strom-R3 takes about 3 hours for a full charge with the onboard charger that only requires access to 15 Amp plug points.

According to CES 2020 over 22 companies participated from India including TATA Elxsi and Wipro Technologies, however, the startups on display include Calamus, an e-bike that senses obstructions and incoming traffic; Altifarm, self-contained grow units for urban farming and cannabis growing [to be sold in the US and Canada]; home appliance company Hyper Lychee, which has developed a hand-held electric scrubber with multiple attachments; STEMpedia, a stem education kit for children; an air-conditioned three-wheeled electric car called Strom; and Wagr, a smart location and fitness tracker for pet dogs to name a few.

From television to sleep assistant, here is the list of top gadgets to be available soon

World’s top consumer electronics companies have presented the designs of their future products at CES 2020. Most of the products presented are soon to be available for consumers. Here are some cool technologies listed below which will be available in the market anytime soon.

8K televisions

We all heard about 4K but this technology is newest in televisions. Several manufacturers released large models with 8K, which is considered the highest quality standard. Samsung showed off a new 8K version that brings the picture right to the edge of the TV. Samsung also introduced a TV that can be used to watch videos designed for a smartphone. The Sero TV does this by turning itself from the normal TV position to an upright position that looks like the shape of a phone. The TV can connect to mobile devices to play the video directly from the phone.

New technologies to improve sleep

This edition of CES focused on sleep assistant too. There are two innovations to improve sleep presented at CES and it will be available soon in the consumer market. The first technology is for People who snore when they sleep might be helped by the “Motion Pillow.” This smart pillow is designed to collect information about the sleeper’s head position and breathing during the night. The system then uses this data to change the shape of the pillow, with the help of built-in airbags. The idea is that by changing the pillow, the sleeper’s head will move just enough to improve airflow through the nose and reduce snoring.

Another sleep assistant technology has been brought by Urgonight. It is a headband and app (for iOS and Android) that’s supposed to help you get a better night’s sleep. It uses neuro-feedback therapy to show you a real-time display of your brain activity. It also has in-app activities and can teach you how to identify and change behaviors through different exercises.

Technologies to enhance the driving experience

Technology company Bosch introduced several new products at CES, including its new Virtual Visor for cars. The Virtual Visor is designed to replace the traditional vehicle sun visor. According to the company, instead of blocking the whole eye, the technology uses artificial intelligence to find the exact position of the driver’s eyes. It then darkens only a small part of the car’s windshield through which the sun could affect the driver’s sight.

Mophie announced a new charging device for car lovers which will transform the mobile charging experience. This device can wirelessly charge smartphones, and also be used to start a car with a dead battery. The Powerstation Go comes with two USB openings for device charging, as well as car battery connectors and powerful light. The Mophie Powerstation Go can wirelessly charge smartphones, but can also be used to start a car with a dead battery.

Another technology related to drivers can change the driving experience and enhance safety. Company continental says the technology, called “Transparent Hood,” aims to make driving safer and easier. Cameras provide video of the area underneath the vehicle, permitting the driver to see objects and road conditions that might present danger.