Indian-origin CEO to receive Women Impact Tech award in San Francisco


Sweta Rai, an Indian-origin CEO and Founder of Diverse Cinema, was announced as the recipient of the ‘Women Impact Tech’ award among top 50 American women in San Francisco.

Her name has been listed in the technology sector for bringing diverse voices forward in cinema.

She will receive the award in San Francisco on March 21, 2023.

The list of awardees was published in conjunction with American Business Women’s Day, honoring the accomplishments of businesswomen across the nation, pushing through barriers of male-dominated work spaces.

This inaugural list honours the standout women who are going above and beyond, making strides to promote diversity and inclusion and gender equity in the tech space and leading the charge for the next generation of women to thrive.

Sweta’s venture, Diverse Cinema, an OTT streaming channel, was soft launched in 70 countries worldwide with a motto of promoting diverse, underrepresented voices in cinema.

It is helping independent filmmakers and development of an NFT marketplace are solely dedicated to bringing Immigrant, Black, Latino, Asian, Indian, LGBTQIA+, Indigenous and Cross-culture unheard stories to a worldwide platform.

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