Indian-origin man, 31, shot dead in New York


An Indian-origin man was shot dead execution-style as he was sitting in a Jeep Wrangler SUV near his home in New York’s Queens borough on Saturday, June 25, according to media reports.

Satnam Singh, 31, was taken to a local hospital where doctors declared him dead, the New York Daily News reported quoting police.

The incident happened at 3.45pm in the South Ozone Park neighborhood in Queens. This is next to Richmond Hill, where two Sikh men were assaulted in April this year in what police classified as hate crimes.

Then, two Sikhs had their turbans knocked off and robbed in separate incidents in Richmond Hill. Police had arrested two men in connection with those attacks and charged them with hate crimes.

Both areas have a significant number of people of Indian origin.

The Daily News said that there was a discrepancy between the police and eyewitness accounts of Satnam Singh’s shooting.

It said that, according to police, the shooter came on foot and shot him as he sat in the vehicle, but a neighbor said the assailant had fired from a car and that her home security camera had captured the incident. The police said they are reviewing the security camera footage.

AmNY news site said that as of Sunday morning there has been no arrest and police were unsure of the motive.

The Daily News, quoting police sources, said that Singh had borrowed the SUV from a friend, and detectives were looking into whether he was the shooter’s intended target or had been mistakenly killed by someone who actually wanted to attack the vehicle’s owner.