Indian-origin woman slips to death while visiting Bald River Falls in US


A young Indian-origin woman from Andhra Pradesh lost her life when she accidentally fell into a river in the United States.

Kamala Polavarapu, a 27-year old software engineer, from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, had gone out for a romantic getaway with her fiancé, when she accidentally slipped and fell off a waterfall in the Bald River Falls in the U.S. state of Tennessee. It is reported that she may have slipped while trying to taking a selfie with her fiancé.

Kamala and her fiancé had made a stop at the Bald River Falls while returning home after a visit to her relatives in Atlanta. The couple reportedly slipped and fell off the waterfall while talking a selfie.

While the man was rescued, after a search of nearly 40 minutes, Kamala was found trapped under a heavy tree branch in the water and found lying unconscious. Rescuers performed prolonged CPR on her but could not revive her.

Efforts are now being made to bring back the body to India. Her parents were understandably shocked at the tragic developments.

“She graduated with an engineering degree and went for further studies to the US. She even found a job,” her mother said.

“The Telugu Association has said they will help bring the body home,” her father said. Kamala’s younger sister is married and settled in Chennai.

The family lives in Gudlavaleru in Krishna district. After her graduation, Kamala went to the US and was working with a software company.