Indian passenger train services set to start from May 12

indica News Bureau

The Indian passenger train service is set to be back on track from May 12.

The ministry of home affairs said on Monday that only asymptomatic and confirmed ticket holders can travel by train. It has to be noted that the passenger train services will open but only with limited strength.

The passengers will be required to wear a face mask and then observe the social distancing norms while entering the railway stations as well as during travel.

Here is what the MHA said: 

“Only those passengers with confirmed e-tickets shall be allowed to enter the station. The movement of the passenger(s), as well as the driver of the vehicle transporting the passenger(s) to and fro the railway station, shall be allowed on the basis of the confirmed e-ticket.” 

The Railway ministry also said that the passengers will be provided with hand sanitizer at stations and in coaches.

The passenger train services are opening for the first time after March 25 when it was completely shut down. A total of 15 trans are set to leave New Delhi railway station. 

The government is ready to ply more trains but only in a graded manner. The Ministry of Home Affairs said in order:

“Train schedule, protocols for booking, entry, and movement of passengers, and coach service specifications shall be widely publicized by the ministry of railways.” 

It is to be noted that the passenger train services were brought to a complete halt when India was completely locked down on March 24th. Currently, India has more than 60000 confirmed coronavirus cases and over 2000 deaths. Though the cases are rising the situation seems to be getting under control and many economic activities are slowly opening in India.

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