Indian start-ups to debut in CES 2020

indica News Bureau-


CES 2020 is right around the corner and the year 2020 is going to be huge for India’s technological growth as twenty-two Indian start-ups will debut at the tech-fest, fetching laurels for the country.

The start-ups will be brought to CES as part of India Tech Park, an initiative by Motwani Jadeja Foundation.  The Tech park has shortlisted start-ups that focus on the burning issues of the 21st century. With a motto to enable a sustainable future utilizing technological innovation, the ITP has brought 6 start-ups with their offbeat approach to CES 2020.

As part of the debut, Stempedia, will bring its innovative product Quon, EviveS that aims to transform learning by doing in STEM education with the help of hands-on project-making kits, programming app, a variety of learning options, and STEM training programs.

Start-up enverde focuses on helping people eat healthy by growing their own vegetables at home with the help of its products Altifarm and Herbstation. Consumers can eat organic vegetables by growing them on their own. the fresh produce will be free of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides making them much healthier that those produced from the grocery stores.

Focusing on a practical problem but a necessary evil-cooking- Nymble has designed a robot to help with the meals. Its product, Julia – a domestic cooking robot can prepare meals. Moreover, one can customize the taste according to their own palate, making perfect meals every day.

Hyper Lychee will showcase its produce Skadu, a handheld electric scrubber that helps  people to scrub various kinds of surfaces with ease and comfort. Start-up Wagr will exhibit its product by the name ‘Wagr’,  a  wearable-based global pet care platform as it has a smart location and fitness tracker for pet dogs.

Another start-up, called Calamus, has invented the world’s first ultra-bike, called ‘Calamus One’. It is, according to the company the safest and the most advanced e-bike of the world.

What is more?

To every tech-guru’s surprise, Apple has confirmed that it will make an official appearance at the event after nearly 3 decades. Returning to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas after 28 years, the Apple executive Jane Horvath is scheduled to speak on a consumer privacy panel on 7 January, reported Digitaltrends. The company will also be showing off its HomeKit smart home platform as Apple’s top two rivals Amazon and Google are expected to roll out new update that will add more capabilities to their IoT-powered devices.

Moreover, Gary Shapiro told the BBC that Ivanka Trump has done “great work” and will help it focus attendees’ minds on job-related issues for the future. After the trend #BoycottCSE gained popularity on twitter after it was revealed that US President Donald Trump’s daughter will be a speaker at one of the sessions,  Shapiro defended her, saying he did not regret the decision.

“There’s a lot of focus on jobs of the future, and certainly the keynote that I’ll be doing with Ivanka Trump will be focusing on… how industry is working with government on this very important issue,” he said.