Indian visa workers are pushing Americans out of ‘middle-class’ jobs, claims report

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The right-wing news website has published a report that claims that Indian visa workers are driving Americans out of what it called ‘middle-class jobs’.

A report published on the website last week cited census data that shows that one in seven software developers in Hudson County, New Jersey, was born in the US (see figure), down from a six-in-seven share in 1980, and said this “wholescale replacement of American software experts by foreigners—mostly by Indian visa workers” was repeated across the country.

The report said the conclusion emerged from 2017 federal census data analyzed by R Davis, an out-of-work Silicon Valley software developer who is in his early sixties.

Further, it said, the trend is spreading into other sectors like accounting, health care and design, and accused American investors and Indian firms of collaborating to transfer many professional-grade jobs to India and the payroll savings to Wall Street.

In 2017, America-born programmers accounted for just one-in-four software employees in Santa Clara, California, down from four-in-five in 1980, the website said.

Just one in three software developers in Richmond County, NY, was born in the US, a proportion similar to that among workers in Forsyth County, GA; McLean County, IL; and San Bernardino County, CA, in 2017.

Americans comprise four-in-ten programmers in Bergen County, TN; in Loudoun County, VA; in Broward County, FL; and in Denton County, TX, it said. And America-born software experts are half the workforce in Snohomish County, WA; in Cleveland County, OK; in Douglas County, NE; in Montgomery County, MD; in Suffolk County, MA; and in Benton County, AR, the home of Walmart.

“It should be concerning that some very key areas, like Silicon Valley and New York City, have the largest swings in demographics,” Breitbart News reported Davis saying. “I think that these areas have reached the point that there is a real risk that tech workers from certain countries (mostly India) are being favored in the hiring process,” he reportedly said.

Davis said that increasingly a majority of recruiters in these industries tend to be India-born and favor their compatriots, though he did not have data to back up the claim, except, “I have had four on-site interviews since being laid off and interviews with 18 people during those interviews. A full 13 of them appeared to have been born in India and only one seemed to be likely US born.”

Davis admitted that could simply be his bad luck and also down to his age. “Still, it seems to point out a risk of one nationality getting too high a representation in the hiring process,” he ventured.

The Breitbart report went on to say that the huge inflow of foreign visa workers—and corresponding “loss” of young American graduates—was gradually filling middle-management and leadership teams with foreign-born executives.

It claimed that there is a “growing volume of anecdotal reports and courtroom evidence” that Indian managers at US companies and subcontractors prefer to hire Indians, usually by discriminating covertly against better-qualified American applicants.

It said much of the evidence comes from Indian immigrants to the US who are appalled by what it described as predatory Indian business practices that have pushed American graduates out of their jobs and careers.

These Indian “ex-immigrants” said they identify with their fellow Americans, Breitbart News said, adding that they strongly favor the American emphasis on individual competence and open competition over many Indians’ traditional reliance on family ties, caste solidarity and ethnic chauvinism.

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