Indo-American organization floats art gallery on disability, garners praise from Indian Prime Minister



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his penultimate address to the nation (Maan ki Baat) had lauded the achievements and initiatives of an Indian-American non-profit organization working with people with disabilities.

Modi, in his speech on April 24, recognized the role of a California-based Voice of SAP’s innovative technological initiatives and its impact on people with disabilities.

“Voice of SAP is a Global Advocacy Organization with a mission to redefine the idea of a disabled person. They’re not disabled, but rather Specially Abled People, capable of leading an empowered and independent lifestyle,” declares VOSAP on their website.

According to VOSAP’s mission statement, the organization seeks to use technology to create a scalable global mass movement and empower Specially Abled People (SAP).

VOSAP has several ongoing projects that aim to help people with disabilities. Their assistive devices program seeks to change the life of a person with a disability with technology, innovation, and intervention.

Voice of SAP has created an online application system for PwD to request directly for devices like wheelchair, smartcane, smartphones, hearing aids, artificial limbs, tricycle etc.

“VOSAP Enablement program with surgical interventions is helping people regain vision when possible. Every quarter we have 700+ people (2,800 so far) enabled, gifted with vision by surgical interventions, executed by VOSAP partner Blind People’s Association, India,” state VOSAP authorities on their website.

VOSAP’s 3D art gallery, the world’s first virtual art gallery on the theme of disability, has garnered much praise from the Indian Prime Minister himself.

“Talking about the digital art gallery, he (PM Modi) said that it has a collection of paintings of some exceptional Artists with Disabilities and their amazing artwork,” VOSAP said in a media release.

The press release expressed VOSAP’s gratitude to the PM for recognizing its effort.

“VOSAP is honored, feels more responsible and very thankful for this recognition, appreciation,” said Pranav Desai, founder of VOSAP, in a statement.

“Despite physical challenges with these talented artists, they have overcome it and have reached newer heights. One can feel this with many such topics covered in the world’s 1st such collection of artwork in this digital art gallery,” the release stated further.

“VOSAP is working with policymakers at NITI Aayog, UN and innovators to accelerate adoption of technologies, making them affordable and potentially putting India on a path to emerging as an export hub for a better world for the 1 B+ global population of persons with disabilities in next two-three decades,” VOSAP authorities stated in the press release.