Indore girl wins Apple Swift Student Challenge at WWDC23, praises from Tim Cook



A 20-year-old coder of the Central Indian state of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is on a dream run – after winning the Swift Student Challenge at the World Wide Developer’s Conference 2023, she met the Apple CEO Tim Cook who said that her coding capabilities exemplify creativity.

Cook met Indore’s Asmi Jain who was among the winners of the WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge, and said that the thriving iOS developer community in India always fascinates him and that Jain’s work only exemplifies the creativity. As an Apple Swift Student Challenge student winner, Jain had a virtual meeting with Cook.

Every year, as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple issues a challenge to students across the globe: create an original app playground using the Swift coding language.

This year, Apple increased the number of winners from the 350 awarded in previous years to 375 so even more students could be included in the event and recognized for their artistry and ingenuity. “At Apple, our mission is to help people everywhere pursue their passions and bring their best ideas to life,” said Cook.

More than 15,000 developers have been hosted at the iOS App Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru. The iOS App Economy is an engine of growth and opportunity for developers, supporting one million jobs across the country in gaming, app design, and software development.

“I had an amazing time meeting so many people from India’s innovative iOS developer community earlier this year, and Jain’s incredible work exemplifies the creativity and ingenuity on display all across this country,” said the Apple CEO. “She’s already poised to make a profound impact on the world by helping people with their health, and we’re excited to see what she does next.”

While studying at the Medi-Caps University of Madhya Pradesh, Jain found out that her friend’s uncle had to undergo brain surgery. As a result of that, he was left with eye misalignment and facial paralysis.

This incident spurred her to take up the challenge to help patients dealing with similar ailments. In her quest to help improve eye coordination, she designed a winning app playground to track a user’s eye movements. The patients can use the app to strengthen eye muscles by following a ball moving around the screen.

The playground’s purpose is to help strengthen the eye muscles, and though it was inspired by her friend’s uncle, Jain hopes it can be used by people with a variety of eye conditions and injuries. Jain said that she wanted to create an app that would have a positive impact on the lives of people suffering from similar debilitating ailments. Her next step is to gather enough feedback on her app to ensure that it is user-friendly and effective and then she plans to upload it on the App Store.

“Ultimately, I want to expand the app so that it helps strengthen all muscles in the face, and I hope that it can serve as a therapy tool that people like my friend’s uncle can use,” she said. “When you feel as though you are part of something bigger, it motivates you and drives you to do better. Coding lets me create things that help my friends and my community. It gives me a sense of independence that is very empowering.”