Is Dalgona coffee the Indian ‘Fetti coffee’ that went for higher education, asks Twitterati

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Dalgona coffee is the latest coffee trend that has taken the internet by the storm. Having left nothing to do and a whole lot of time on their hands, people across the world are trying their hand at the new frothy coffee.

As the new Dalgona coffee has become a buzzing trend on twitter, Instagram, Facebook after gaining popularity on Tik-Tok, Indians who grew up watching their grandparents and parents serving the frothy beverage to guests and aspiring to whisk the coffee-sugar-water blend to perfection someday, are wondering what the fuss is all about. Though the method has gained more popularity after getting viral on the internet, some say they ‘just didn’t know that it was called Dalgona coffee’ even though they had been relishing the delicious liquid since a long time.

While the word Dalgona comes from the South Korean word Dal-Go-Na, which is a toffee candy that looks and tastes similar to the coffee batter, the frothy coffee is mostly a household drink for most Indians.

Dalgona coffee has a frothy layer on top with chilled milk below it. The top layer of the coffee is made by repeatedly beating coffee, sugar and hot water until it becomes airy. The repeated whisking of the coffee-sugar-water mixture turns the color of the coffee to light brown to beige, depending upon how long it has been whisked. The froth is then added to chilled milk, with or without sugar, as per taste and relished sip by sip.

The Dalgona coffee trend began on TikTok, with the hashtag #DalgonaCoffee garnering over 10 million views on the video-making application. Many have also started uploading videos recipes of the coffee on YouTube for foodies who are dying to tray their hands at it.

Many twitter and Whatsapp buffs, however, did not see what the hoopla was all about.

“So, my Nani has been making killer Dalgona coffee all along”, tweeted Snigdha Chaturvedi while master procrastinator (@CheekyChickoo) said, “Dalgona is just Indian fetti hui coffee that went abroad for higher studies.

Smriti Thakur in Whatsapp wrote, seems my mother style of making coffee got a brand name.

“I’ve been phetoing coffee with a spoon to make foam since bachpan, I just didn’t know it’s called dalgona coffee”. tweeted Akshar.

“Indians going ga ga over Dalgona Coffee. Which rock were you living under? Haven’t you made faiti hui coffee at home ever?” tweeted Shivangi (@Shivangiyadav)

“For every Indian going crazy about #dalgonacoffee , you do realize it’s beaten coffee over cold milk?
You’ve probably been having it since you were a teenager…. Beaten hot coffee… Ring a bell? Just because we didn’t come up with a cooler name!#CoronaLockdown” said  Ananyaa Goel (@ananyaa9) on twitter.