Jaaved Jaaferi: ‘Boogie Woogie’ was original concept, didn’t copy foreign show


Actor Jaaved Jaaferi has worked in innumerable hit films. Besides Bollywood, he has been associated with the medium of television, too, for many years. Recalling one of his most popular stints, as a judge of the dance show “Boogie Woogie”, the actor says it taught him a lot in his career.

“When you do something like a ‘Boogie Woogie’, you interact with the entire country. When participants come from all over the country, you learn so much and connect with families, it becomes a personal connection. The way you talk to them really teaches you a lot. That is interactive as opposed to a ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, where you are just speaking and they connect with your voice. The same is with movies, you are watching it as a third person and you not in it,” Jaaved tells IANS.

He adds: “Boogie was interconnected. I think all these things have helped me, as an actor, to broaden my perspective in so many things. Looking at characters, lives, life stories. So, I think yes, it has definitely helped us grow as an actor.”

“Boogie Woogie” was possibly India’s first original dance show, as opposed to the current reality shows based on international format.

Mention that to him and the actor replies with childlike excitement and pride: “‘Boogie Woogie’ came in 1996. ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ came in 2004. We were an original concept, we didn’t copy any foreign show.”

The actor returns to television as host of the National Geographic show “Animals Gone Wild”.

Talking about how he believes in maintaining balance on the planet, Jaaved says, “I have always loved animals. I believe strongly in maintaining the balance. The balance is between human beings, the planet and the animals, and I personally feel we have pushed the envelope a bit too much with the planet and animals. I think Covid awoke a lot of sensibilities in people. You could see the blue sky, the clear water and animals coming in. I think it was a wake-up call in a way. I hope people realize this because human interest has become very selfish interest. This is the only planet we have.”