Justice for Sushant Singh is fight against the movie mafia


The writer is a Bay Area-based fan of the late Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput. The views expressed are her own. Caption for photograph above: a billboard for Sushant Singh that has been put up in Hollywood, Los Angeles

The movie mafia is surprised as to why so many people are standing up for Sushant Singh Rajput. This is the first time that the masses did not prove to be predictable.

The movie mafia and their PR Machinery always had a fool-proof plan where they decided the actions and the consequences. Sushant Singh Rajput will be murdered during lockdown, it will be called suicide, and the bigwigs will write RIP Sushant.

They will start selling the depression narrative. It’s lockdown, obviously people will take it. But something happened this time. This strategy did not work.

Sushant Singh Rajput started his movie career in 2013. He worked six months through 2019 and after that he was promoting his movies and then the lockdown happened. So it’s fair to say that in his six-year film career he had 11 releases: Kai Po Che, Shuddh Desi Romance, PK, Detective Byomkesh Byakshi, M.S.Dhoni:The Untold Story, Raabta, Kedarnath, SonChiriya, Chhichhore, Drive and Dil Bechara. This is an amazing filmography and the characters he played were so diverse. All his movies are either commercial success or critically acclaimed.

After he passed away, it hit the audience that why we didn’t notice him as much when he was alive. Why we weren’t talking about him when he was around!

I had watched most of his movies and not to forget Maanav—Pavitra Rishta, that made him a household name. Maanav was the quintessential son, brother, friend, lover, and human.

It hit me, it hit the audience that we are constantly being brainwashed by a PR Machinery to believe the truth and facts they create for us. Who goes to the gym, who does community work, who is a loving dad, actually we don’t care but these images are constantly thrown at us and we start believing the fake truth.

There was no positive PR machinery working for Sushant; rather, there were people trying very hard to malign his honest and humble image.

After he passed away, the whole country started digging and searching his interviews, his tweets, his Instagram posts, and we realized that he was a genius, he was so honest and righteous, he always tried to speak his heart out.

People were shocked that how we couldn’t see this, when he was around. All of a sudden we realized that so many fake images are thrown at us and we are constantly consuming it. We have not been using our brains.

We are not interested in an actor’s toddler child, or what are they wearing when they are going to airport. We are more than that. We have more brains than those people. But we get played.

It’s the anger and also the shame that our hard-earned money fuels this industry and their PR Machinery.

Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput is a world movement because everyone identifies with the purpose and there is a shared consciousness among everyone all over the world.

Everyone who read about him and watched his interviews could relate to him. Engineers in the Bay Area and around the world are saying that he was like us that is why he was feeling suffocated.

Teachers are saying that he knew so much about how today’s curriculum should be adapted to the changing times. So many people relate to him because of his spirituality and Shiv bhakti.

A lot of us relate to him because he was trying to stand up for the right thing and was feeling stifled. We can all relate how we lose opportunities if we are not ready to butter and sweet-talk our way into things.

The way he talked about his mother, the way he talked about enjoying the moment and the process, and the way he talked about known-knowns, and known-unknowns made him a national hero — a real life hero.

He brought the whole country together. We are all feeling that we have a little bit of Sushant in us.

And we have already failed him by not acknowledging what he deserved, we cannot fail him again. It was his dream to bring a change in Bollywood and mobilize the masses to put pressure on agencies for fair investigation.

He treated his audience, fans, and masses with respect. He shared his dreams and thoughts with us.

All I can say is he left, but left us united and with a lesson.