Justice Markandey Katju: My email to Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Justice Markandey Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju-

(Justice Markandey Katju is a former Judge, Supreme Court of India, and former Chairman, Press Council of India. The views expressed are his own)

Dear Mr Elon Musk,
I am a former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, and have been on Twitter since long. Recently, my twitter account @mkatju was suspended without giving any reason.

In this connection I sent an email to Twitter Support, requesting account restoration. I received this reply:

“Hello, We received your request to have your account reinstated. Please respond to this email with the reason you believe your account suspension was in error and/or the reason you are requesting an appeal.

Once we receive your response, we will review and provide a follow up response with the outcome of our review. If this request is for an account reinstatement under our new criteria, please allow 3-5 days for us to review and respond. In some instances, it may take us longer to get back to you.


I did not know why my twitter account was suspended, so I sent this reply:

“Dear sir,
If I have tweeted anything in violation of the twitter rules I apologise, and promise not to repeat it. Please unsuspend my twitter account @mkatju.
Justice Markandey Katju ”.

To this I got this response:
Thanks for your report. It looks like this is connected with your original case #0322268476, so we’ve added it to that first report. We’ll continue our review with this information. If you have more details you think we should know, please respond to this email to send them our way. We appreciate your help!

I then sent Twitter Support this email:
“Dear Sir, I am a former judge of the Indian Supreme Court and was regularly using twitter. But now my account @mkatju has been suspended. I have not been informed of the reasons for suspending my twitter account. I was wondering what could be the reason. My guess is it is because I have made some tweets adverse to the ruling PDM Government in Pakistan, including its leaders Maryam Nawaz Sharif, a leader of Pakistan’s political party the PMLN, and her father former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, both of whom have been convicted by the Pakistan Supreme Court for huge corruption. If that is the reason, I would like to say that there is strong evidence about her wrongdoings, as detailed in the links here here here and here:

However, if Twitter believes I have violated the its rules, I apologize, and undertake not to tweet anything about her again.

If the reason is something else, I may be informed about it. I apologise for that too, and give a similar undertaking about that too. Please now unsuspend my suspension.

Justice Katju
PS: My Whatsapp number is 91-98*******. If you have any queries, please contact me on that number.”

Finally, I got this reply from Twitter:

“Your account was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service. After reviewing for reinstatement your account will not be restored.”

Although I have apologized if I have violated any Twitter rule, and undertaken not to repeat any mistake I may have made, my twitter account remains suspended, though no reason has been communicated to me. My hunch is that it is because I have been of late strongly supporting former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Twitter, and called the ruling PDM a gang of dacoits (which is proved by the Panama Papers, and other convincing evidence whose links I have given above) my suspension is at the instance of PDM folks.

Could you help me in this connection for getting my twitter account restored? I would be deeply obliged.
Justice Markandey Katju
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India
Noida, India

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